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Instruction:You need to copy the texts after the "#" upto 5 characters which will look like "2A4F2" this. Copy it and send it to your friends to invite them.


How to join in an game in Venge?

How to speak with other players in venge? || How to use mic option in venge?


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Venge Multiplayer War is a multiplayer first person shooter with capture the flag mechanics. Choose your character, choose a weapon and start fast action. Use your keen skills and reflexes to dominate the leaderboard. Unlock cards and use them tactically against your opponents. Venge.io Gameplay Weapons Start the game with Lilium or Shin and choose one of the four main weapons. Here's what's in the current arsenal: Scar - Suitable for medium to long range combat. The Shotgun is a powerful melee weapon Sniper is a powerful ranged weapon Tec-9 - short / medium range rapid-fire submachine gun Whichever weapon has earned you the most kills, select it and use it to take the top spot on the community leaderboard.


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Tbot ( Friend Bros Member)
Newbie 48
Wow amazing

10 months ago
Abdullamf ( Member)
Pro Gamer 300

10 months ago
Nizar ( Member)
Aspiring Gamer 93
real free fire

10 months ago
Salih ( Friend Bros Member)
Pro Gamer 321
vara level

10 months ago

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